Meet Our Research Sources

You already know Mark Leibman and our LPL Registered Administrative Associate Greg Leibman. But you might not know our allied staff economist, our fixed income research director, our market strategist, or the people who oversee the whole allied research effort.

We’re talking about folks who have decades of experience, advanced degrees, specialized training, and the appropriate professional designations. They are our friends at LPL Financial Research! Each of the players in this department has the ability to communicate economic and market developments with the context and background needed to get at the real meaning and significance.

These folks do not work at 228 Main. In our quest to find the right investments, and to understand the economic and market environment in which we live, they play a major role. They put out reports, they help conduct the daily research morning conference call, they blog, they tweet—they communicate. We try to listen.

But we’re not exactly sitting around or waiting on cues from others. One of the wonderful things about life in the 21st century is the vast amount of information accessible to us. Beyond our partners at LPL, we conduct our own research using news and insights from across media and industries.

We’ve given a lot of care to appraising the quality of commentary from key specialists at Schwab and Morgan Stanley and Vanguard and other firms, as well as our most respected peers and money managers. Subscription-based investment research and data round out our fundamental sources.

The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times provide a great overview of the major stories of the day, and more detailed trade publications are a vital source of news about the industries in which we’ve invested. People with specialized knowledge are available through blogs and social media, as well. We read the Detroit newspapers for auto industry news, Australian papers for news on global raw materials producers, and news sources for other situations as needed.

Why would we tell you all this?

Because we want you to know that have what we need to do our own thinking, draw our own conclusions, and take action in pursuit of your interests.

When you have specific questions, please call or write.