What We Did at the Big Conference

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We learned very big ideas.

The path to find happiness is in improving the lives of others. And in the 21st century, cheating is over: transparency through technology rewards authenticity and punishes phonies. But perfection is NOT required: the only way to make progress is to fail early, fail often, and fail forward. This is the way to unlock the uncharted treasures of human creativity and genius. Whatever we are doing, today everybody is a media company—at a cost of nearly nothing.

We learned there is more to those we admire than we realized.

Randi Zuckerburg has a lot more to offer than being the sister of the Facebook founder. She shared amazing insights about communicating with people, win-win thinking, and how creativity works.

Will Smith is as good at empathy and wisdom as he is at humor. A story from his childhood taught him that if you lay one perfect brick at a time, you end up building something you previously believed impossible.

LPL researchers widened our minds to the true meaning of potential. It is NOT that the tiny acorn grows into an oak tree. Rather, the acorn can sprout a mighty forest of oaks—many forests, even. We each have an impact on those around us, and those who follow after us.

LPL top execs demonstrated the vision and stewardship by which they earned their positions. Operating department heads told us about their key initiatives, showing they are locked on the future and working to make it better.

We did other things too.

Saw old friends in high places, and newer friends who are destined for high places, and many wonderful and interesting colleagues. Bought a drink for my 79 year old hero from Arkansas, a friend who shares my goal of working to age 92. Heard interesting presentations, and even tried to deliver one.

I love this business!

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