Another Anniversary

© Can Stock Photo / andreykuzmin

We are on top of the 21st anniversary of the foundation of our enterprise, Leibman Financial Services. I intend to operate it for another thirty-one years. I do what I can to make that outcome more likely to occur.

The future is a mystery, but the past is history we may examine. In August 1996, I began at the kitchen table of our home in the Eastwood neighborhood of Louisville. My biggest assets were all intangible—a curiosity about finance, passion for the markets, and a desire to use these things to help people get where they wanted to go.

Apart from that, we had little. Four kids, a mortgage, a lower level full of the babies and toddlers in Cathy’s home-based child care, and a burning ambition to keep the checking account above zero.

After a couple years, a bedroom freed up when a kid moved out. A couple of years after that, the quaint commercial Victorian building at 228 Main became available—and we bought it. Thank goodness for understanding bankers!

My brother Paul helped me get 228 Main ready for occupancy, and became my first helper. Cathy worked with me for several years, then son Greg Leibman took over when she retired. We are committed to add whatever staff is needed to provide you with comprehensive investment advice and good service. Larry Wiederspan has been a huge benefit on the service front, as Greg’s research and trading duties expanded.

Now, because of your trusted relationship, Mark Leibman of Leibman Financial Services Inc. serves over $65 million of your assets in brokerage and advisory assets through LPL Financial.

Many things have changed over the years. Our focus has tightened on investment research, portfolio management, and talking to you, the three core activities. Our appreciation and affection for you has grown. Our understanding of what we are doing evolves and gains definition over time. But our principles and our motivation are unchanged.

Our success depends on your success. Our only object is to grow your buckets, our best path to increased revenues. From where we sit, it feels like this is working out for everyone so far. Thank you all, for everything. Here’s to the next thirty-one years!

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