Back to the Future

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There are many stories about people who travel back in time, where they might make a huge impact on the future through some very small action taken there. The 1985 film Back to the Future is one example among many.

We understand the concept that small things in the past could have changed the present dramatically. But do we fail to anticipate how small things in the present could dramatically change the future?

• What if you told that person you loved them?
• What if you showed an interest and provided encouragement to another?
• What if you made a minor improvement in your daily health habits?
• What if you made better personal connections with a colleague?
• What if you balanced your enjoyment of the moment with good long-range planning?

One theory is that we underestimate the power of our influence on others—or don’t even think about it. Sometimes a small thing may have a large impact. If we are mindful of that, our words and deeds might better reflect a more worthwhile and positive approach to life. Wouldn’t we each be happier if this were the case?

If your life were that movie, and your future self was going to come back and change some little thing about you today in order to totally transform the future…what would it be?

This essay began with the idea of time travel. The fact is, we all ARE traveling through time. We are going to the future, minute by minute and day by day. One of our roles is to try to make the best things possible for you, to help you shape your future intentionally. Time travel is exciting!

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