Human Nature Creates Investment Opportunity

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Economists like to believe that human beings act rationally. Those of us that know otherwise follow the theory of Behavioral Economics instead.

One of the key findings of Behavioral Economics is that the pain of a loss is twice as great as the pleasure of a corresponding gain. Rationally speaking, $5 is $5, whether it is gained or lost. But we still feel the sting of the loss as a bigger deal than the pleasure arising from the gain. This is human nature in its raw, untrained state.

Confounding this finding is an extremely pertinent point, one that is ignored by the academics and the finance types who trade off their work. They treat a temporary decline as a loss. There is no shortage of expensive products designed to pander to this tendency by selling the promise of stability at a premium.

In the real world, many successful investors treat a temporary decline as either an opportunity, or a matter of no long term consequence. For most of us it takes education and training to overcome our behavioral tendency to feel the pain of a loss over short-term volatility. We’re here to help you with that.

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