A Stylish Fit

Popular from the 1940s into the 70s, mid-century modern was a style that emphasized simplicity, light, openness. Its focus? Functionality. Natural materials and post-and-beam construction became key characteristics of homes in this style.

My own mid-century modern home—six months in!—delights me. But I’m really struck with how the aspirations of this design style resonate with the kind of enterprise we are striving to build at 228 Main.

In our shop, we strive to simplify the complex, to be open and transparent, to use fundamental financial concepts to help people build out their plans and planning in a straightforward manner. We let the light shine on our work, like it comes through the many windows of my home.

Just as the home is built to function well, with only those features that add something to the design, we try to keep everything we do pertinent to what you are trying to do in your financial goals. In fact, another way to say “setting financial goals” would be “connecting your money to your real life.”

We don’t really have the time or energy for a style any fussier than that!

And just as the mid-century modern style is not for everyone, there are those who prefer a different approach. One thing that goes into making you the best clients in the world is how well we work together. Those who require a different style are better off elsewhere.

But, clients, we get the sense that our mid-century modern enterprise is a great fit for us and for you! Open, always seeking clarity and function… ahhh. Beautiful, right?

When you’d like to talk about this or anything else, you know where to find us.

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