Glitch Your Heart Out

graphic shows pixelated squares of colors

A certain mouse-led studio put out a movie a few years back, one in which the main character befriends a spunky racecar driver named Vanellope. Maybe you’ve seen it?

She was the underdog of the arcade, struggling for a chance to compete in the game Sugar Rush. The other racers didn’t want Vanellope “The Glitch” von Schweetz competing. She had a condition that made her pixelate: her whole body would blink and she’d go temporarily blurry. Doesn’t sound fair, huh?

Spoiler alert: Vanellope soon discovers that this bug is actually a feature. Once she gets to know her glitching, she is able to use it to her advantage and glitches herself around obstacles on the track. The others come to respect her condition as just one part of her—a strength, even.

We’ve written before about identifying your own superpowers. Your human capital—those skills, qualities, and desires that can be used in the service of your fellow human beings—is one of your strongest assets. (It’s a fabulous place to start out when you’re starting out.)

But here’s a “life hack” for you: reconsider your weaknesses, too.

Most qualities become liabilities when taken to their extreme, but with some perspective… well, we wonder if those “weaknesses” might be tempered to become strengths. Aren’t the quirks what make us unique? Aren’t they the things that make our point of view so valuable to others?

We don’t mean to suggest that any situation can be reframed this way. If something in our lives is harming our health or wellbeing, it may require more than this to address the heart of the issue.

But no one is alone in this process, either. It’s been a joy for us to get to know where you are on your journeys. For all the twists and turns, the climbs, and the obstacles, what a pleasure to be on the road with you!

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