Meet the “Junior Staff”

Do you know about our junior staff? These four appear in our real-time new media venues. They are tasked with producing a weekly comment, posted on Mondays. They also make other appearances from time to time.


Grumpy McFussface was the first to join the team. He is definitely a ‘glass-half-empty’ type, serving as Junior Analyst. We value his input, a way to keep in touch with negative sentiment in the marketplace. We usually do the opposite of what he suggests, but please do not tell him. He might throw a tantrum.


Then Brainy McBaby joined the team as Research Intern. He’s wiser than his years, a thoughtful one. He has an uncanny ability to take the long view, even though he isn’t quite two years old. A true prodigy.


Happy McToddler is a good counterweight to Grumpy. She is almost always positive. Happy is our Trader Trainee, helping us implement our strategies. Of the whole junior staff, Happy does the most to help us keep your portfolios in shape. She loves to talk investment tactics and strategy.


We may have the only shop in the world with an investment philosopher on staff. Young Warren adds a lot, usually by posing questions of fundamental importance. He makes you think.

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For now, the junior staff appears only in these ‘real time’ media outlets. Hope you follow them.Twitter