parker palmer


photo shows sunny, snowy woods

Winter here is a demanding season—and not everyone appreciates the discipline.  

— Parker Palmer 

We talk plenty about seasons and cycles here at There are useful lessons even in the most frigid of winters, literal or figurative. 

As I write this, our part of the world in southeast Nebraska is experiencing negative temperatures. The roadsides are lined with mountains of snow that have risen across the last few weeks. 

It’s hard to find the deeper meaning when even your boogers feel frozen. 

Teacher and author Parker Palmer writes about the seasons in this part of the country, like the stillness and clarity many Midwesterners can find in a snowy field. And, he explains, “Despite all appearances, of course, nature is not dead in winter—it has gone underground to renew itself and prepare for spring.” 

We spend our money differently in this season, but these needs will make way for a new focus in a few months. We keep our eyes open for the turn as challenges in certain industries give way to new opportunities.  

And as the circumstances may make it difficult to spend our time and resources exactly as we’d like to, we’ve still got one final gift of winter. It’s “the reminder that times of dormancy and deep rest are essential to all living things.” 

Clients, if you want to talk about your winter or the coming spring, please write or call. 

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