If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Right Now

photo shows a mountainous horizon and a sign reading "now" and "past" and "future"

Maybe you’ve seen a billboard that goes like this: “If you lived here, you’d be home right now.” I’ve seen them on many road trips, as advertising for local municipalities, tourism boards, rental agencies, and real estate agents.

These signs call out to us, trying to get us to leave the commute, the trip, and the journey behind—to be here, now.

It’s not a bad message, is it?

I’m not suggesting anybody pack and move the next time they see one of these signs, but in our financial lives, we sometimes get stuck in the past. And the costs add up. The past can crowd out the present in many ways. Maybe some of these phrases have shown up in your thinking?

“I should’ve…”

“I would’ve…”

“I could’ve…”

Some folks get stuck on past missteps; others regret not getting their own plan going sooner. Acknowledging our journey to this point is important, but unless it brings us up to the present moment, we’re facing the wrong way for the journey ahead.

Letting the past live rent-free in our thoughts means we spend less time living here, now. “You could be home right now.” The secret? Embracing this present moment.

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