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On Getting a Tattoo

graphic shows the word "REMEMBER" etched into a stacked stone wall

Friends, maybe you could have guessed this about me… but I don’t have any body art. (I seriously doubt this topic has ever crossed your mind, but here we are.) 

I’m considering the idea of a tattoo—just the idea. A tattoo is a somewhat permanent endeavor: that ink becomes a part of your human body, so it’s as permanent as any other part of these mortal vessels we have. 

To some, it’s a huge commitment. It’s etching a message that travels with you, for the rest of your life! I suppose it’s not something to take too lightly. 

But I can appreciate what a powerful tool it might be across someone’s lifetime. A tattoo may not be for everyone, but we certainly understand the impact that a phrase or image or saying can have on a person. 

As an alternative, you could also consider getting yourself a “mind tattoo.” This idea appears in Jennifer Pastiloff’s book On Being Human, and it was important to her as she worked to change her life. She chose guiding words—anything that helped open her up, when she felt like shutting down.  

So what would you pick, if you could get a key idea inked into your mind, a reminder that was always there when you needed it? 

The nice thing about a “mind tattoo” is that it can be your own little source of strength. No need to shout it from the rooftops or fight about it on the internet, huh? 

So may something helpful become etched in your mind. Keep an ear open for that mantra, any words that help you breathe more deeply when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Who knows what might stick with you?

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A Gift-Giving Season, All the Year Round

photo shows a pink package with a pink bow on a pink table covered in rainbow confetti in front of a sky blue wall

Going through the winter holidays, all across the globe, many people enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts. One of the recurring features of life—in almost any culture—is a season of gift-giving.

Yet giving seems to figure prominently in the daily lives of people we know, all the year round.

And it takes many forms.

Think of those people in our lives who can do the things we need done, but cannot do ourselves. They understand their personal strengths, develop them into a capacity to help others, and spend time each day improving life for those around them.

And there are those who brighten our day with a smile or a kind word. Their positive perspectives can be contagious.

And (perhaps now more than ever) there are those crucial people in our lives who give us their time—time to connect with us and seek to understand us. When we need some perspective from another, someone who will listen, help us take stock and reflect, those moments can be a tremendous gift.

They say it is better to give than receive. Perhaps giving transforms us in powerful ways, gaining us closer connections with the people in our lives, no matter how intimate or fleeting our association may be.

Gifts born of our talents or perspective or time do not have bows on them, but they may be the most consequential to others.

Clients, in this chapter of life I have more time: if you could use some of it, I would give it to you gladly, unconditionally. Email me or call.

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